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ALMA connects FLORA is a safe and collective space for exploring and sharing intimate female health.

 The aim is to explore the experiences and problems we encounter when looking for information, knowledge and self-healing. From the internet, to friends, to doctors. The workshop will guide the design of our platform ALMA ATLAS, for experience sharing, literacy and telemedicine. The workshop led by Giulia and Isabel, co-founders at ALMA will be a journey through 4 activities facilitating discussions about taboo topics, personal narratives and envisioning.

ALMA connects FLORA invites female participants to co-design educational tools, methodology and an online resource for a radical cultural change in female intimate care.

Free Admission | 2 - 3hours
English speaking

If you are part of a women* health organization or community and would love to collaborate with us
please contact us at hello@al-ma.org

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#10 ALMA connects FLORA - 8th July 2021 - at IED Madrid (Spain)

#11 ALMA connects FLORA - 23rd August 2021 - with Unkraut Kollective, Berlin (Germany)