alma connects flora

ALMA meets FLORA explores how intimate female health is experienced by women in our society.

The aim is to identify the most emotional, educational and cultural issues that occurs when intimate daily life is disturbed by possible infections (such as vaginal or urinary). ALMA meets Flora invites participants to co-design educational tools and methodologies to develop a language that links the well-being and care of female intimate health in our society.

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#1 ALMA meets FLORA - 14th October 2019 - in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) at Olabi Makerspace

#2 ALMA incontra FLORA - 19th November 2019 - in Milan (Italy) at Wemake for MEET

#3 ALMA meets FLORA - 12th December 2019 - in Bangkok (Thailand) at FREC Bangkok

#4 ALMA meets FLORA - 18th January 2020 - in Penang (Malaysia) at WCC Women’s Centre for Change

#5 ALMA meets FLORA - 16th February 2020 - in Basel (Switzerland) at Hek - Haus der elektronischen Künste

#6 ALMA incontra FLORA - 22nd May 2020 - ONLINE with Prime Minister (Italy)

#7 ALMA incontra FLORA - 6th September 2020 - in Treviso (Italy) for [E]Design Festival

#8 ALMA meets FLORA - 27th November 2020 - ONLINE with RampaLAB and Cipke (Slovenia)

#9 ALMA incontra FLORA - 27th December 2020 - ONLINE in Bologna (Italy)