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Chi è Louisa is a participatory and feminist workshop designed for the residency Beyond  Binaries curated by Erinni. link

Louisa is every woman* who has to deal with issues concerning her body and also her intimacy everyday.

How many difficulties does she face in her everyday life, from social stigma to medical bias?
How able is she at finding information on her own, or thanks to networking and sisterhood?
Can technology, platforms or new tools help her?

Louisa is one and more archetypes of people identified by designer Giulia Tomasello, together with Isabel Farina medical anthropologist, during their user research studies and educational processes regarding the contested field of intimate care Louisa becomes the narrative device for investigating two of Giulia’s main projects: Future Flora and ALMA.
Both of them are focused on overcoming the taboos related to the female body, its functioning, its genitals and its fluids, creating new tools for claim and exploration in health and (self-)care. The former uses microorganisms and do-it-yourself practices and the second inclusive wearable technologies, both of which imagine new solutions to empower women over their own bodies and are based on research and community care. From a critical text curated by Arianna Forte, written on the occasion of the exhibition 'LOUISA Speaks: Intimate Dialogues on Language, Technology and Biohacking' at Mz* Baltazar's Lab in Vienna. June, 2022

#12 Chi è Louisa - 20th June 2022 - at Torpignattara area, Rome (Italy)

#13 Chi è Louisa - 27th June 2022 - at Torpignattara area, Rome (Italy)


We ran a third workshop of Chi è Louisa? designed for women in midlife - a workshop designed to explore taboos and desire connected to female intimate health and sexuality. 

#15 Chi è Louisa - 23th February 2023 - at Amuse concept store, Turin (Italy)