ALMA Smart Underwear is the first non-invasive tool for monitoring vaginal health. It measures pH and other biomarkers in vaginal fluid and interacts with user via an app. This tool enables body awareness, prevention and monitoring of vaginal conditions such as infections and STIs.

ALMA Smart Underwear developed during Re-Fream Fund 2019 -  check here

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When symptoms occur, a female will use the smart underwear in order to identify what type of infection is coming. The biosensor placed in the gusset of the underwear, measures pH and other biomarkers present in vaginal fluid. The data is accessible to the user through the phone and if necessary the app directly connects to professionals for medical support. Our user-centric design process is driven by insights from the ALMA meets Flora survey and co-design workshops. The technology was developed together with our industrial partners, Fraunhofer IZM (Berlin) and Empa (Switzerland) during Re-Fream Project (read our blog) commissioned by EU Horizon 2020 in 2019. In addition to the smart underwear ALMA is building a web-based community platform which will allow users toco-create knowledge around female intimate care.

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Co-Creation process with Fraunhofer IZM Berlin (July, August 2020)

“ALMA’s work has clearly identified that any technological solution must be commensurately  underpinned by societal changes that challenge existing dogmatic barriers.”

Ryo Mizuta, ALMA Co-Founder

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