LASER TALK - The microbiology and art of vaginal health, at Waag Society, Amsterdam 2023

ALMA ATLAS at Demo Day for Vision Health Pioneers, Berlin 2023

* How to stay away from the gyneacologist’s office? at MAID in SUPSI / CH
* Biofilie Lab (video) at / ES
* Creative Collision with ISALA Project at Ars Electronica Festival / Linz.AT
* Laser Talk, The microbiology and art of vaginal health, (video) at Waag / NL
* Female Biophilia, (video) at John Cabot University / IT* Female Biophilia as Inclusive innovation, at Peckham Digital Festival / UK* Technology for care, panel discussion at Peckham Digital Festival / UK

** Female Biophilia, at Good Design Izmir / TR
** Female Biophilia, at IED Milano / IT
* Biofilie / Art+b=Love (video) at Mole Vanvitelliana / IT

* Gender Medicine Symposium at Bielefeld University / DE
** ALMA e Innovazione Inclusive, Re-Fream & ARCA (video) / IT
* ALMA at Demo Day, (video) Vision Health Pioneers / DE
** ALMA co-design with FLORA for Re-Fream / DE
** Vision Health Pioneers - ALMA Pitch (video) / DE
** Wear it Live: Fashion Tech / DE

** STARTS On a Journey with Alma (video), at ARS / AT
** Fashion, Technology, Responsibility, at ARS / AT
** STARTS Methodologies Roundtable, at ARS / UK-AT
Female Biophilia: Educazione, Innovazione e Tecnologia  at [e]Design Festival / IT
** ALMA in conversation with FABRICADEMY - Mapping the Future of Fashion, (video)
** La Moda del Futuro: Sostenibilità, Tecnologia e Manifattura urbana, (video) with Arca Consorzio / IT
** Textiles and Technology, (video) at LUARTS / UK
** (video) RE-FREAM, Electronic Textiles and Fashion Webinar
* Video - Re-Fream Art/Tech Co-Creation Journey
* Rethinking Fashion with Re-Fream / ES

DeFine - Fashion Tech Info Day Milan, at Polifactory / IT
Crossing Boundaries, at Speculative Stuttgart / DE*Art&Tech Meetup / Female Biophilia, at Poligon / SI
Female Biophilia:Crossing Boundaries, at Kikk Festival / BE
Entremeios Autonomia e Design at IED Rio / BR
Designing the Self, MAK FUTURE LAB, at MAK / AT
Laboratory of the Future, at Ars Electronica / AT
Co-Thinking the Renewal of Fashion, Ars Electronica / AT
SxTech-ON Conference / DE
Medimeisterschaften Festival, XPOMET / DE
Fraunhofer / PT
* In dialogue with our bodies:becoming embodied knowers, with Teresa Almeida at FEMeeting / PT
* Talk at NYU MAGNET - Media and Games Network / US
Decolonization and the Nonhuman, (audio file) for Design Trouble Symposium at the University of Washington / US
The Art & Science Soirée at the OtherSyde / UK
Gender in art/tech: inclusivity and power of digital transformation at Triennale for Digital Week / IT
39th metaPhorest seminar at Waseda University / JP
*Conferencia de la diseñadora de interacción Giulia Tomasello at Elisava / ES
* Biosensors:from women’s health at Cafè Synthetique / UK


* Il design e la salute femminile con Isabel Farina e Giulia Tomasello (audio) - Conversations: Design e Tecnologia / IT *Toglietemi tutto ma non il mio chip (audio)  - I will survive / IT
* Witches are back - Episode 5 by Radio Forte (audio) / IT
* Cosa può un corpo? - Relazione by Phase (audio) / IT
* Alma x Cure Ribelli - Tecnologie aperte per una cura come bene comune (audio) / IT

* DSI4EU Webinar, (video) Biohacking e Innovazine Sociale Digitale by Wemake / IT