ALMA combines design, technology and anthropology to co-create tools for a radical cultural change in female intimate health. Technology as a tool for provocation but also for knowing one's own body, connecting females and eradicating taboos.

ALMA is a social impact project formed by professionals from different disciplines that aims to create technologies and platforms to change the culture around women's bodies. We have developed a participatory methodology that engages women around the world to design tools to address intimate health needs. In 2018, we started with a speculative idea of treatment self-management for vaginal infections and today we are designing sensors to detect and monitor vaginal fluids and a global platform for sharing experiences, knowledge and tools that looks at the whole universe of women*'s body health. The idea is not only to bring technology to a high level of monitoring information contained in vaginal fluids but also to create an atlas of female intimate health through the direct participation of users. Because women* are stronger when they can unite and speak out.

Ryo, Isabel, Giulia and Tommaso are
the co-founders of ALMA.

    Giulia is an interaction designer focused on female healthcare, Isabel is using design and anthropological methods to co-create solutions, empowering females to reconnect with their bodies.
  • Tommaso and Ryo are scientists, based in in Cambridge (UK). They are developing the technical aspect of the project and finding ways to transform ideas into products. We believe that best results evolve out of collaboration.

Giulia Tomasello
interaction designer
Tommaso Busolo material scientist

Isabel Farina
medical anthropologist

Ryo Mizuta nanomaterial scientist

We, the founders, are united in our will to design innovative products and inclusive educational tools to answer intimate care needs of females around the world.

Current Collaborators: 
Eva Maria Francesca Troia
Mina Martinello

Previous Collaborators:   
Julia Jover Cano
Silke Hofmann
Raphael  M. Mgeladse
Eve Barrio
Robin Hoske
Alice Hargreaves
Anjali Parris
Beatrice Bertolazzi
Essi Mikkola

Collaborating with: