ALMA combines design, technology and anthropology to co-create tools for a radical cultural change in female intimate care.

ALMA started three years ago as a multidisciplinary effort to develop a smart underwear which monitors vaginal health. During many lectures, sessions and workshops around the world, participants taught us that intimate health has to be approached holistically –considering social, medical and cultural issues. We decided to address them and expanded ALMA in scope and ambition to tackle taboos and the deep lack of education in this field.

Giulia, Tommaso, Isabel and Ryo are
the co-founders of ALMA.

    Giulia is an interaction designer focused on female healthcare, Isabel is using design and anthropological methods to co-create solutions, empowering females to reconnect with their bodies.
  • Tommaso and Ryo are scientists, based in in Cambridge (UK). They are developing the technical aspect of the project and finding ways to transform ideas into products. We believe that best results evolve out of collaboration.

Giulia Tomasello
interaction designer
Tommaso Busolo material scientist

Isabel Farina
medical anthropologist

Ryo Mizuta nanomaterial scientist

  • We, the founders, are united in our will to design innovative products and inclusive educational tools to answer intimate care needs of females around the world.
  • With ALMA we aim to inspire a cultural change through de-stigmazitation of the female body.

  • Current Collaborators: 
    Tauras Stalnionis
    Alice Hargreaves
    Anjali Parris

Previous Collaborators:
Julia Jover Cano
Silke Hofmann
Raphael  M. Mgeladse
Robin Hoske